Week 22 – The Time Has Come

Heaven had been very quiet for 400 years. No burning bushes. No pillars of fire or clouds of smoke.  No splitting seas. No visions. No dreams. No prophets.  No message from God…just silence.

Then, in a simple, unpretentious, quiet way, a word – but not just a word, The Word.  At the time, the event mattered only to a blue collar carpenter and his teenage bride.  There was no Doppler system on the planet sensitive enough to pick up this event.  The Richter scale didn’t even budge.  Not only did key event of human history have no buildup, no crescendo, no cymbals and cannons, there was no media, no paparazzi, no breaking news…not even a wedding shower.  Mary and Joseph weren’t registered at Babies R Us, there was no framed birth certificate, no small bassinet with a mobile over it playing Brahms’ Lullaby.  In fact, if it weren’t for some local shepherds and a couple of distant astrologers, no one else would have known.

But in fact, history had changed.  The Word of God had taken on flesh and blood and was first heard in a baby’s cry.  His birth was unspectacular, yet His presence dispelled darkness and cast an inescapable ray of light across history, past, present and future. God’s promises to Abraham and David had found fulfillment at long last.  Jesus would bless all nations and would take His rightful place on David’s throne.  It is this event to which everything thus far in The Story has pointed.

The main point for us to see this morning is this: God’s Upper Story intersects with our Lower Story at the birth of Jesus Christ, the God-man. 

  1. What detail of the birth of Christ has always particularly captured you?
  2. Are you encouraged or nervous that there is no place we are safe from God?
  3. How will you be vigilant today for Upper Story moments in your life?

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