Cricket County Cafe – Dinner Theater 2014

cricketcountychristmascafeGranny Taylor is fixin’ to cook up a storm at her famous Christmas supper, and she asks the snooty City Cousins to help. Though such manual labor is clearly beneath them, the only reason they agree is to hear the amendment to rich Uncle Zeke’s will read after the last customer leaves.

Dodging grouchy Granny’s verbal bullets, they bust their britches to get their work done, because money talks — with a Southern twang! But there’s more brewing at the Café than just the coffee.

Country Cousin Fester turning into a cool dude?

Grumpy Granny a wanna-be Snow Queen?

And what’s with Oswald buttering up his boss faster than Granny’s homemade biscuits?

Uncle Zeke’s will reading stops everyone in their tracks. There’s a major attitude shift in the Café as all recognize the folly of their selfish ways and focus on the birth of the baby Jesus. Warm-hearted and inspirational, but still a hoot!

Join us on December 6 and 7 at 6:00 PM  for Christmas at the Cricket County Cafe. Tickets are $5 and benefit our local toy drive.  Call the church for more information.

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